Paver Patios/ Retaining Walls
We are experienced in designing and installing backyard patios, garden patios, and retaining walls, and can create the perfect environment that is relaxing, as well as conducive to entertaining family and friends.

Drainage Solutions
Water problems can cause a great deal of potential damage and cannot and should not be ignored. J and E Landscape Services LLC can address issues such as low spots in the yard, insufficient drainage around down spouts and gutters, areas of standing water, and problems that can cause basement flooding or flooding in other areas of your home or business. Our drainage solutions help to prevent mold, foundation damage, flooding, and other issues that arise.

French drains
Trench drains
Surface drains
Storm drains

J and E Landscape Service, LLC extreme attention to detail and workmanship gives our clients outstanding value. We provide the finest carpentry services available.

Lawn Installation
Whether you just built a home that needs a lawn or are in an older home that just needs a lawn renovation, you've come to the right place. At J and E Landscape Services LLC we start by analyzing you existing topsoil for nutrient deficiencies. We can then make recommendations about adding additional topsoil or amending your current soil. These amendments help with drainage and give your soil the right nutrition that a new lawn needs. We work with you to insure we are using the best materials and best operations for all of your new lawn and renovation needs.

Plant Design
Our designs selectively choose just the right plantings that will accommodate your home year after year. What will look beautiful just as soon as our efforts are completed, will forever enhance the beauty of your home.