Synthetic Program
Step 1 starts in early spring. At that time a crabgrass prevention product along with fertilizer is applied. This helps prevent crabgrass from sprouting and helps with spring green-up.

Step 2 is applied in late spring. We apply a heavy nitrogen fertilizer and broad leaf weed control. This prepares the lawn for hot summer weather.

Step 3 is applied in early fall to help keep the grass looking green, while helping repair any summer drought damage.

Step 4 is an application in late fall. This application puts your lawn to bed for the winter. It promotes deep root growth during the cooler months leading up to winter and for a quicker green-up next spring.

If you desire a "golf course quality" lawn, you may opt to add two additional fertilization applications for summer. These are for customers desiring high quality lawns. These lawns are usually watered frequently and look as green in July as they do in May. They demand increased "food" for that rich green growth.

We also provide an organic fertilization program that uses natural products that breakdown over a longer period of time. It takes a little longer, but the results combine to give you a healthy, organic-rich soil, that will also provide a deep-rich green turfgrass that you'll be proud to own.

Tree and Shrub Care - Remember your trees and shrubs are as important as your lawn.

We Also Do:
Deer Repellent
Perimeter Insect Control
Weed Control

WHY AERATE? Aeration loosens compacted soil elements which will benefit more uniform growth and turf color. If thatch has formed because your soil is worn out and compacted, then proper oxygen is not getting to the root zone, and your lawn is a prime candidate for core aeration. This is a problem that will lead to shallow root growth. In addition, compacted soils have much less microbial activity. This means there is a greater chance for disease, less nitrogen fixation, and an increase in thatch in most lawns. Aerating your lawn will help needed elements reach the root system of the turf, which in turn will also help to stimulate new growth.