Lawn Services

J and E Landscape Services, LLC offers an array of services to ensure that your lawn is the greenest on the block. Distributed throughout the growing season, we promote healthy lawns with both preventative measures and individualized services throughout the warmer months as well as on an as-needed basis.

Thatching: Performed in the spring, thatching removes a layer of above-ground roots and stems that can prevent air and nutrients from reaching the soil in lawn areas.

Aeration: Performed in the fall(also could be done in spring for clay soils), aeration removes plugs of soil from the lawn, providing air to the roots and helping them reach deeper into the soil to mitigate the stress of the spring thaw and summer heat.

Over-Seeding: We will select the best seed for your conditions and expertly spread it with our professional equipment.

New Lawn: Whether you just built a home that needs a lawn or are in an older home that just needs a lawn renovation, you've come to the right place. We start by analyzing you existing topsoil for nutrient deficiencies. We can then make recommendations about adding additional topsoil or amending your current soil. These amendments help with drainage and give your soil the right nutrition that a new lawn needs. We work with you to insure we are using the best materials and best operations for all of your new lawn and renovation needs.