Maintenance Services

Here at J and E Landscape we have Customized maintenance programs to fit your needs. We have top of the line lawn mowing and landscape equipment that will make your home or business look the sharpest on the block. We also can do your weeds as part of your regular scheduled maintenance program.

Lawn Maintenance
Mowing all turf areas, edging along all walks and drives, weed-eating along all buildings and fences, and blowing off all walks, breezeways and parking lots. Lawn maintenance visits are charged per visit. Any additional maintenance work requested is charged per job.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups
Clean up of leaves and other debris from flower beds, gardens, and Lawn Areas.

Weeding of mulched beds, driveways, patios, walkways and street gutters. Weed deterrent may be applied. (Weeding is scheduled on an as-needed basis from April through October)

Bed Preparation:
Rototilling and cultivation, weeding, edging and rough-raking

Color selections include:

Black Dyed Hardwood Mulch
Natural Brown Hardwood Mulch
Red Dyed Hardwood Mulch
Leaf Humus ( used in vegetable and flower gardens to give plants nutrients and hold precious water while not having hardwood chunks )

Our designs selectively choose just the right plantings that will accommodate your home year after year. What will look beautiful just as soon as our efforts are completed, will forever enhance the beauty of your home.

Relocation of plants and shrubs: We work with you to properly relocate and transplant your valuable plants and shrubs throughout your property to ensure survival and prevent overcrowding.